MM-eh was on site at Battle Arts Academy on Friday to document the weigh-ins for THICC Boy Fight Club’s inaugural event, scheduled for Saturday the 29th of April, 2023.

This is an amateur Pankration event held under the authority of the Ontario Grappling association. Competitors must wear shin guards but no headgear, wear 7 oz. gloves, there are no knees to the head allowed either standing or on the ground, no heel hooks, and no twisters allowed.

*Note – For this event, fighters are allowed a 3 lb weight variance. Therefore if a fighter was contracted to weigh 155 lbs, they could weigh no more than 158.0 lbs.

Fighter 1Contracted
Fighter 2Actual
172Taj Gordon170Ljae Simminz169
124Quincy Mutter125Willow Morton127
202Fawaz Olayemi200Taylor Lang195
146.2Nathan Taylor145Naj Parniyan146
155.4Damonte Wilson155Stephen McKinnon157
178Mike Adams180Keith MacDonald182
156Serhii Yershov155Mohammad Shariar157
163Marcus Christie160Jeremy Miazga-Grzybek162
186Ali Janbein185Nathaniel Cousins186
156Colin Smith155Colin James McLeod155
147Fed Ca145Nick Hatton144.4
148Victor Amorim145Hamza Jamil145
192Sean Allen195Eddy Fan188
155Sean McNabb155Parker Simpson152
136Sebastien Sanchez135Gavin Sicotte135
170Yonatan Heled170Rob Williams169
146Andrei Khrapachev145Rocky Rattanavong145
159Hayley Malcolm160Kate Fennel161
147Uros Bozic145Gregory Dykstein148
144Joseph Russica145Nicholas Ralph147
133Brayden Todd135Jordan Tecson133.2
180Ognjen Bozic180Kevin Oh180
173Nate Mason170Adam Gladue168

Missed weight info:

When a fighter signs a contract they are required to weigh-in the day before the event, and weigh a maximum 1.0 pounds more than their contracted weight. The exception to this is for title fights, where there is no permissible extra allowance. For example, a fighter contracted to fight a non-title fight in the Lightweight division, which is 155 lbs or less, can weigh as much as 156.0 lbs, while a fighter in a Lightweight Title fight can weigh a maximum of 155.0 lbs.

If a fighter misses weight a commission will typically allow them one additional hour to attempt to make that weight. If the fighter is unsuccessful in meeting their contracted weight, their opponent who makes weight has the option to not fight, as their opponent did not meet the requirements of the contract. If the opponent chooses to accept the fight, they are awarded a portion of the missed-weight fighter’s purse, typically 20%.


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