MM-eh will be on site at the Hotel V in Gatineau at noon on Thursday to document the weigh-ins for Samourai MMA 6, set to take place at the Centre Slush Puppie on Friday the 26rd of May, 2023.

Fighter 1Contracted
Fighter 2Actual
184.4Julien Leblanc185Sallah-Eddine Dekhissi186.0
164.6Jesse Ronson165Rodrigo Vargas164.4
Ronson vs Vargas – Super Lightweight Title
155.2Alex Morgan155Takuya Nagata150.0
126.0Louis Jourdain125Diego Silva126.0
175.2Jonathan Ramsay175Juan Ramon Grano176.0
177.6*Dany Mallette175Matt Rusniak176.0
139.4Alain Marjorique140Nezar Bahaji140.8
125.6Tommy Morrisson125Francisco Ramirez126.4*
135.8Isaac Blais135Mauricio Cruz135.8
165.4Kevin Popowick-Bastien165Faudel Bentayeb168.0*
149.8David Moon150Patrick Connors150.0
192.8Simon Lagarde185Amar Nessar197.6*
171.6Guillaume Poulin170Matt Bednarek170.8
* Asterix indicates missed weight.


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